Mike was born and raised in Grand Terrace, CA. He worked for 3 people his whole life. His first job was in the Engineering Department at St. Bernadine’s Medical Center in San Bernardino, CA for 2 years until he realized he never wanted to punch a clock (or have a co-worker punch the clock for him) ever again. So he moved to Long beach and started installing “rugs” with his older brother Robbie Lunderville in 1975. He then realized that having a boss was no fun either, so with 4 years of experience and a couple hundred dollars in the bank, Mike opened Mike’s Custom Flooring out of his garage in Grand Terrace, CA in 1979. He started the business as a word of mouth residential installation company. Over time in his quest to create more regular income and a sustainable business, he began focusing his efforts on the Commercial market. He reached out to his old boss at St. Bernadine’s and friends at San Bernardino School District for help create a company that would be able to provide work and income for multiple families in the Inland Empire.